The Area

Villa Atena, thanks to its convenient location, is the perfect place from which you are conveniently close to all the attractions of this seaside resort (and we must admit that there are quite a few of them). In addition, from the Villa Atena you will be able to reach everywhere by bike from our rental store.

Świnoujście, thanks to an extensive network of biking paths as well as border crossings, connecting it with German towns, is a paradise for biking lovers. But before we go on to discuss what to do and see in Świnoujście, let us tell you a few words about the city itself.


The first thing that catches the eyes of visitors coming to our city, it's an absolutely unique location on three large (Uznam, Wolin, Karsibór) and forty-four small, uninhabited islands. Therefore, calling our villa-hotel with name of the Greek goddess of wisdom – Athena, can be somewhat justified, because Greece is also located on islands. Because of the geographical location of Świnoujście in the north-western tip of our country, its residents often jokingly say that "Poland begins here".


Many tourists associate Świnoujście with the town with the widest and the most beautiful beach in the whole Poland. However, there are other interesting attractions in the city.



Fort Angel

The third fort of the so-called Świnoujście Fortress is a must-see attractions for any history lover. The building was erected in the mid-nineteenth century, but it began to lose its military importance during the time of World War I.



Marina in Świnoujście

The largest marina in the region, which can accommodate up to 400 yachts. Location of the marina surrounded by greenery, near the Spa Park and close to the center of Świnoujście causes that the place gains popularity year-on-year.





Port of Świnoujście

It is a Mecca for those who love everything that sails the seas and oceans. Port of Świnoujście and the Szczecin port form one of the largest port complexes on the Baltic Sea.


latarnia morska



Świnoujście is in many ways a city of records. It has the widest beach on the Polish coast of the Baltic Sea, the largest marina and a unique lighthouse – one of the highest in Europe, and also the highest structure of this kind made of brick in the world.


Beach promenade

The promenade is a picturesque boulevard built in the interwar period, which is a kind of the "heart" of this seaside resort. Here, you can take advantage of a whole host of dining options (not just cafés, restaurants or bars) serving coastal cuisine.


Western Fort

The fourth fort of the Prussian Świnoujście fortress, whose purpose was to defend the port against enemy ships. Fort was packed with cannons, machine guns and mortars. In the 60s of the twentieth century, after many vicissitudes, the fort was handed over to the city.


Fort Gerhard

Fort Gerhard (Eastern Fort) – part of the so-called "Świnoujście Fortress" built in mid-nineteenth century. One of the best-preserved Prussian coastal forts in all of Europe. The fort is located on the island of Wolin.



Stawa Mills

One of the most famous symbols of Świnoujście, a part of the official logo of the city. The term "stawa" means a beacon, while the term "mills" is derived from the characteristic windmill blades. Stawa is located at the mouth of the Świna river on the Baltic Sea.


Krasiborska Kępa Nature Reserve

Poland's first nature reserve established by an NGO. This paradise for bird watchers consisting of 180 acres of wetland meadows is located on the island of Krasiborska Kępa. Here you can encounter more than 140 species of birds, some of which are endangered species.


Marine Fishing Museum

Already 20-year-old – the biggest piranha in Poland, the mysterious Conger fish, specimens of fauna and flora from all the seas of the world, navigation equipment, models of fishing vessels – all are waiting for visitors is this unique museum.



park zdrojowy

Spa Park

Picturesque park, existing since the end of the eighteenth century, is located in the eastern part of the island of Uznam. The big size of the park – 58 hectares of vivid green and richness of the natural world (rare species of trees) make the Spa Park in Świnoujście a great place for long walks and biking.

The park is surrounded by such attractions as, among others, a stadium, sports fields, tennis courts, fortification elements (Western Fort, Fort Angel).


Świnoujście fortress

A unique treat for lovers of history, and especially for fans of the art of war. The Świnoujście fortress is a complex of nineteenth-century Prussian fortifications whose task was to defend the strategic port of Świnoujście. The fortifications consisted of four forts, of which three have survived: Fort Angel, Fort Gerhard and Western Fort.