What do you think about our villa-hotel? What is your impression of you stay at the Villa Atena? Please share your opinions about the quality of our services. All comments, questions, and suggestions will help us to further raise the level of comfort of guests staying with us.


Opinons of Villa Atena guests


The villa-hotel is located in a row housing district. The villa-hotel has several rooms. Regarding the food, we only had the breakfast (delicious!!).

Guests mainly from Germany. Villa owners are very nice and helpful. There were no problems. We had the breakfast. Every day something different but very tasty each time. We took advantage of massages. The massage is done by the husband of the villa's owner, I think. You can see that this man earns his living this way. The massage was super relaxing. Wonderful relaxation. The room was large. There was a problem with the place, even with a small child. The room was equipped with "heavy" German-style furniture. The room was cleaned daily. The bathroom has a hair dryer. The room has a rather sizable balcony.[Asia, Poland]


We felt really good at Villa Atena. We would have to think very long to find any shortcomings. The staff was very nice and helpful. The entire hotel was very clean. Buffet breakfast was served, food was plenty and nothing was missing even as we came for breakfast late. We enjoyed it so much that we are already planning another holiday at the Villa Atena. I really recommend this hotel and thank employees of Villa Atena for their hospitality.
[Dieter, Germany]


The room was large and clean and comfortable. When it comes to breakfast there were a lot of flavor options to choose from. Massages allow me to relax and warm up the body for the winter days. Nice place to stay! [Eratolin, Sweden]