SPA at Villa Atena

Villa Atena is not only an excellent place to stay in Świnoujście, but also a cosy mini spa. So if you are looking for a place offering different types of beauty treatments, therapeutic and relaxation massages – visit us!


Full body massage

Price of treatment: PLN 100

This massage is recommended to all who wish to regain their strength. This so-called 'classic' massage works multi-dimensionally. First of all – it relieves pain. It improves nutrition of tissues and regenerates the muscles of the whole body. Muscle tension, which is caused by everyday stress – is significantly reduced. Furthermore, it increased flexibility and elasticity of the muscles. Classic massage also causes fat reduction, by speeding up the metabolism. During the treatment, it increases the flow of blood and lymph. For the massage, we use special products to facilitate this process, such as olives, massage cream, talcum powder or medicated ointment. The most common ways of massaging include traditional techniques, such as rubbing, stroking, squeezing, pushing, and patting.

What are the benefits of massage? First of all, it gives a pleasant feeling of relief and deep relaxation to the person being massaged. The whole body becomes relaxed, all the excruciating pain and tension disappears. Regular use of massage definitely improves mood, and also corrects existing skeletal changes. After each massage treatment less tension in the spine, back and neck is clearly felt. Classic massage also improves the appearance of the skin. It becomes more oxygenated and supplied with blood.



Back massage


Treatment duration: 30 minutes

Price: PLN 50

Back and spine pain is a symptom of our times. People leading a sedentary lifestyle suffer from it most often. Especially for them we offer a manual back and spine massage, which after just a few minutes removes unpleasant muscle tension and improves circulation. In addition, massage reduces pain caused by various types of degenerative and traumatic changes. It perfectly removes the pain caused by long-term stress and fatigue.


Relaxation massage

Relaxation massage (back, legs) 45 minutes – PLN 70

Relaxation massage of the whole body: 60 minutes – PLN 120

The objective of relaxation massage is to pleasantly stimulate the muscles, the skin, and the entire circulatory system. At the same time, this kind of massage has a soothing effect on our nervous system. It quickly balances the body's negative reactions to stress, removes unpleasant, involuntary muscle tension, restores a healthy, normal heart rhythm, proper circulation and blood pressure. Relaxation massage, thanks to its relaxing action is helpful even for people suffering from insomnia.


Slimming massage

Treatment duration: 45 minutes

Price: PLN 100

Excess weight and obesity is the second ailment, after spinal diseases, that affects more and more people in all civilized countries of the world. We recommend slimming massage for our guests who are struggling with this problem. This massage primarily crushes and breaks down the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Subsequently, it removes toxins harmful to the health of the body. In addition, it effectively improves blood circulation in skin and muscles, which directly affects the acceleration of metabolic processes. For the slimming massage we use special creams containing plant substances that stimulate cell metabolism, eliminate fat, and facilitate the removal of toxins and excess water. The parts of the body which are massaged most often include the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. During the series of slimming treatments exercising and adherence to a proper diet is recommended. Please be advised that in individual cases, a slimming massage can be a bit unpleasant for the person being massaged, due to the emerging feeling of pain when using techniques requiring the use of force.


Lymphatic massage

Treatment duration: 50 minutes

Price: PLN 110

As the name suggests, the aim of this type of massage to improve lymph circulation, thus preventing the emergence of diseases caused its stagnation. Lymphatic massage is also helpful in the elimination of lymhedema and lymphatic exudates. It also shortens the resorption time of bruises and hematomas. It is worth to mention the cleansing effect of the massage on the whole body – it effectively removes metabolic waste products. Lymphatic massage is also used with a history of infectious diseases, cancer, after steroid therapy or as a supplement during a weight loss program.


Candle massage

Treatment duration: 60 minutes

Price: PLN 150

This procedure involves massaging the whole body by using an aromatic candle. A massage of this kind of perfectly moisturizes the skin, causing it to become smooth and soft. Pleasant fragrance and radiant heat of a melting candle, will put you in a state of deep and soothing relaxation.


Body scrub

Treatment duration: 30 minutes

Price: PLN 80

This treatment is designed for both women and men! A scrub thoroughly cleanses, tones, strengthens and smoothes the skin, stimulating microcirculation. In addition, it gently nourishes and optimally moisturizes the skin. At the end of the procedure we use lotion or a serum vial.


Chocolate-algae mask

Chocolate-algae body mask: 75 minutes – PLN 150

Mask for all skin types, for men and women. In nourishes, smoothes and moisturizes the skin, improving its condition and color. Thanks to the pleasant fragrance, it improves the mood and relaxes, causing a surge of vitality, leaving the skin with a pleasant chocolate smell, and reduces fat. For those who are overtired and overstressed, it improves the mental mood.



Body mask – red wine

Body mask – red wine + scrub: PLN 150

Mask for men and women of all ages. Intended for stressed out and tired persons, those in a weight loss program and fighting cellulite. It intensely moisturizes, eliminates toxins (detox), rejuvenates, firms and smoothes the skin, stimulates metabolism and improves microcirculation.


Mineralis – mud from the Dead Sea

Mineralis – mud from the Dead Sea for the body + scrub: 75 minutes – PLN 140

It is used to fight rheumatism, speeds up metabolism, reduces cellulite, tightens the skin. It has a slimming effect and cures psoriasis.



Mud treatment for the spine

Treatment duration: 30 minutes

Price: PLN 45

Mud is used in states of pain in the muscles, joints and for rheumatic pains.


Mud treatment for the hands

Treatment duration: 30 minutes

Price: PLN 45

This treatment is recommended for people suffering from pain in muscles, joints as well as rheumatic pains.




Duration: 120 min

1 person – PLN 35, 2 persons PLN 25/person


Infrared sauna

Duration: 50 minutes

1 person – PLN 35, 2 persons PLN 25/person



Duration: 30 minutes

1 person – PLN 50, 2 persons PLN 40/person


Paraffin for hands

Treatment duration: 30 minutes, price: 50 PLN

Bath hands in the aromatic salt, peeling, paraffin cream.


Paraffin for feet

Treatment duration: 50 minutes, price: 60 PLN

Bath feet in the aromatic salt, peeling, paraffin, cream.